XYTO NZ Online Road Code Test

About the online Road Code Driving tests?

The 35 Test questionaire covers all the major aspects of the Road Code. These questions are randomly generated but carefully weighted so that (1) you don't get a repeat of the same or similar question in any one test and (2) as many sections of the NZ Road Code are represented. Like the actual Test Sheets each standard test session will feature 18 General Questions, 6 Intersection and Hazards related questions and 10 Specialist questions.

The "Full Test Questionaire" features all the questions (except 8*) that you will be tested on at the designated LTNZ agency. At the end of each of test session we display for you a summary analysis of your test results so that you can see how well you did and what areas of the Road Code you may be having problems with (i.e. based on incorrect answers). We will also provide, where applicable, recommendations by way of links to resources either on the XYTO web site or externally where you can find specific tutorials or and practice tools that will help you to learn and understand those sections better.

In the actual Road Code test you will be required to get at least 32 correct answers. The purpose of the XYTO Test is to allow you to practice as much as you want until you decide to do the real test.

Please be aware that while every attempt has been made to ensure the questions and answers in these tests are correct and current we can not fully guarantee against the likelihood of errors or omissions that may have been overlooked during our own integrity checks etc.

*The questions omitted from these tests feature in the current Road Code as "New Questions". You can check these out on pages 156 to 158 of the Licence and Study Guide of the 2008 Road Code.

XYTO Priority Give Way Rules App

  • Easy to use
  • Designed to engage the mental processes needed to apply give way rules well in advance of getting behind the driving wheel.
  • Use this app to understand and apply the prioriity give way rules independently or in conjunction with the official road code.
  • Includes its own tutorial which can be accessed during session runs at any time.
  • You can choose to share your best successful results to the XYTO website for others to view.


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Features non-controlled scenarios, tutorial, instructions and session history.

XYTO Version - for ANDROID

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Features all of the above including controlled scenarios with give way and stop signs, pedestrians and lights, Y intersections and roundabouts (single and multiple) and traffic lights with multiple lanes.

XYTO Version - for ANDROID


Other devices forthcoming

We're in the process of developing the DTGW app for IOS smartphones and tablets, the Apple Macs and Windows.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the app then please feel free to contact us.

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